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  • General terms of service
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  • Conclusion of a contract
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  • Termination of the contract
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    About these terms


    General terms of service

    These General Terms of Service ("Rules"), together with any applicable ones, govern your use and access to our service (website), support service, any interactive areas, software, applications and other services (collectively "Services"). Services are provided by "NetRay" ("we", "us", "our", "NetRay-VPS", "NetRay"). Please note that the Terms contain legal agreement between you and NetRay. By visiting our websites, installing and / or using the Services, you confirm that you have read the Terms, understand them and agree to be bound by these Terms. If you use the Services on behalf of an organization, you agree to these Terms for that organization and confirm that you have the authority to act on behalf of that organization and to comply with these Terms on behalf of that organization. If you do not agree with these Terms or any of their provisions, please do not install or use our Services. NetRay may change the Terms from time to time. The most recent version is the version that applies to your use of the Services. If the changes include material changes that affect your rights or obligations, we will notify you in advance of the changes in reasonable ways, which may include notification via client applications, the website, or email. Unless otherwise indicated by us, each update to the Terms will be effective from the moment the modified Terms are posted on this web page. You understand and agree that any further use and access to the Services following the posting of any updates to these Terms means that you voluntarily agree to be bound by the updated Terms.

    SECTION I. General provisions


    Conclusion of a contract

    Our proposals are subject to change. We reserve the right to make technical and other changes within reasonable limits. When placing an order, the customer is obliged to familiarize himself with the preliminary offer. We will immediately acknowledge receipt of the order from the customer. Confirmation is not negotiable. Confirmation and acceptance of the contract can be combined. We have the right to accept the offer of the contract (order) within 5 working days after receipt. We also have the right to reject the order after checking the reliability of the client.


    We guarantee an average of 99.9% annual network availability for our computer center infrastructure. If the security of the power supply network or maintaining the integrity of the network is at risk, we may temporarily restrict access to the service as needed. Services offered are valid at the time of ordering based on offer information, order form and applicable monthly specials.

    License terms

    The service is the rental of a dedicated server and / or virtual dedicated server in the form of providing the Clients with dedicated server resources, connecting them to the Clients 'local network and ensuring information exchange with the Internet (hosting), as well as placing Clients' information on them. The use of the service does not contain specific rules for using the license, except for cases of self-installation of third-party licensed products, the copyright for which belongs to third parties. In this case, the entire responsibility for the use of third-party products, within the framework of the use of NetRay services, or violation of the license terms for the use of a third-party product, lies entirely with the client. All underlying software used by NetRay, as part of the provision of services to customers, contains an open license, or a limited license (by term or functional restrictions). Unlocking the restrictions of all the software mentioned above can only be performed at the initiative of the client, independently (by purchasing a license from a supplier or distributor of the product, using a product activation key, or otherwise.)


    We are not liable for direct damages, secondary damages or lost profits due to technical problems and Internet glitches that are not within our sphere of influence. You agree that we completely disclaim responsibility for the actions of the client. However, in case of violations of the rules and conditions of security or systematic complaints from a service provider, public organizations or other Internet communities, we reserve the right to block the service, without warning. In addition, NetRay disclaims any liability for possible damage to third parties in connection with the use of our services by the client. This means that all responsibility for the client's actions while using our service lies entirely with him personally.

    Terms of payment

    Payment for services is made and regulated by these rules, by paying a subscription fee within the time period established when ordering a product or service for the first time. The billing period determines how long in advance subscription fees for the resources of this period can be paid. A new billing period opens: when a new account is activated after registration or moderation, which determine the opening time of each individual account; when the billing period closes; after unblocking a blocked account after the end of the billing period; after changing the billing period of the account; after changing the billing opening date. Payment invoices are issued automatically by the system for each individual ordered product at the end of the billing period. In NetRay, billing periods cannot be deleted and cannot be changed by the client himself. Changing billing periods is possible in manual mode by the company administration (on request). The system automatically regulates the performance of services, notification of the created invoice, the imminent termination of the service due to non-payment, overdue invoices, and so on. Payment for the service is made through a third-party payment gateway. Information about payment methods as well as the currency supported by the system is located in the "Payment" section. Before making a secure payment, the customer can cancel his order at any stage. NetRay is not responsible for delays and failures during payment processing, third-party payment gateway, interbank exchange rate, and server confirmation when paying with cryptocurrency. In case of non-fulfillment of payments, we have the right to block the supply of services to the client.

    Termination of the contract

    Unless otherwise specified in the contract, contracts are valid for an indefinite period of time. The contract can be terminated without explanation by both parties at any time within a period of 30 days until the end of the month, but not earlier than after the minimum period contract stipulated in the contract.We also have the right to terminate the contractual relationship for good reason without prior notice.A reason that may result in a suspension or determination without prior notice may be that the client is using content that affects the performance or security of the server. All cancellations and refunds are decided on a case-by-case basis and dealt with personally by the company. If you would like to request a refund, you may do so within 24 hours of purchasing our Services. Refunds will not be considered for users closed for violation of these Terms. How only refund will be made n, you will lose access to the Services.


    The Services are not intended for minors and any use by minors should only be under the direction, supervision and consent of their parents or guardians. In addition, we rely on parents and guardians to ensure that minors only use the Services if they understand their rights and responsibilities as set out in these Terms and our Privacy Policy.


    NetRay technical support works in real time through the chat of the Telegram messenger, the contact address of which is indicated on our official website. And also by receiving a written request by e-mail through the feedback form. The working hours of the Technical Support are 10 hours per day. 08:00 - 18:00 (GTM + 1; 8:00 am - 6:00 pm). The response time and request processing time depend on the specific message subject, as well as on the workload of the Technical Support operators. In case of not receiving a response to the request to the technical support service, the client is recommended to make a second request, with the attachment of no response to the previous request.In exceptional cases, in case of technical problems or problems associated with the limitations of the service provider, the client has the right to contact the related contact services to arrange communication with technical support. Related Services may include: sales department, advertising manager, partner services manager (google mail, forums, advertiser sites, etc.).

    Electronic communications

    You agree to receive communications from us electronically, such as email, attachment messages, etc., and agree that such notices satisfy any legal requirement for written communications. You agree that we may notify you of changes or additions to the Services, of any of our products or services, or for such other purposes as are reasonable or required by applicable law. For communication and the functionality of the services, we use communication systems in the form of accounts in the Telegram application and electronic mail services.

    SECTION II. Privacy Policy


    Privacy Policy

    Our data protection policy complies with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), BDSG (German Federal Data Protection Act) and TMG (German Telecommunications Act). We only store and use your personal information to process your orders and to contact you. The customer's email address will only be used for order information and for billing purposes. In rare cases or disputable situations, the company may request additional verification from the client, including scanned identity documents.

    Non-disclosure of your information.

    NetRay - , completely accurately and without additional agreements, does not collect or store information about users in any other form other than that described above. In addition, we offer our users the opportunity to order the service as anonymously as possible when only certain data is transmitted that does not entail a loss of confidentiality. We do not share your personal information with third parties. Your information is only entrusted to the appropriate registrar (e.g. DENIC) to register your domains and also to participating partners (e.g. bank) to process your orders. In such cases, the transfer of information is carried out in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG). We limit the amount of transmitted information to the very minimum.

    Processing your data

    NetRay processes user data to a limited extent - to provide the Services, process payments for the Services, and to operate our websites and services. We process the following basic information: Information for creating an account, only the mailbox or contact details of your Telegram messenger (this is necessary to transfer access to the services to your use); Possible payment information that remains in the payment histories of your accounts (to determine whether a particular payment belongs to your order); Website data, Google analytics data for website analytics. The information is not personalized; All information provided by the client is not collected and stored in billing databases or logs, which is why, if you contact technical support, We may ask you to provide this data in order to fix problems.

    SECTION III. Loyalty program


    Using Promo Codes

    To use the Promo Code, you must enter a unique code in a special field on the NetRay website when placing an order for services and make sure that the Promo Code is used when calculating the cost. a) If the User did not apply the Promo Code when placing an order, including as a result of a technical failure, the services are payable in full; b) The Promo Code cannot be sold or exchanged, including for cash, and can be used by the Holder of the Promo Code only once, unless otherwise indicated in the accompanying materials to the Promo Code. The user can use one Promo Code once. It is not possible to use several Promo codes at the same time when ordering one service. a) When using Promo Codes, discounts are not cumulative; b) Discounts and Promo Codes cannot be combined with other NetRay promotions. The Promo Code provides the opportunity to receive with a Discount only those NetRay services that are listed in the accompanying materials to the Promo Code.The Promo Code does not apply to renewal services, unless otherwise specified in the accompanying materials to the Promo Code. The promo code can be used before the date (time) indicated in the accompanying materials. Promo Codes that have not been used by the specified date (time) become invalid and cannot be used after the specified date (time). NetRay reserves the right to change the conditions for using the Promo Code at any time, including the validity period and / or the amount of the Discount. a) NetRay reserves the right to suspend a particular Promo Code at any time without stating a reason. b) NetRay reserves the right to suspend the configurations purchased using the Promo Code at any time (according to the general terms of service of NetRay). In case NetRay reveals violations of these Terms and other abuses by the Promo Code Holder, NetRay has the right to cancel the Promo Code and / or services ordered using it. The use of the Promo Code is the consent of the Promo Code Holder to receive additional advertising information from NetRay through communication channels.


    We reserve the right to change and update these Terms at our sole discretion, at any time, for any reason and without any obligations. We also reserve the right to change or update the operation of the Services at our sole discretion, at any time, for any reason, without prior notice or liability. We may even suspend the provision of the Services entirely, in which case we will notify you in advance if extenuating circumstances such as security concerns prevent us from doing so.

    Discount conditions

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